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People bypass nature's beauty too often, limiting their lives to urban jungles - it starts to make us feel as if we're made of the concrete that surrounds us.

The Vision Design's Toronto interior designers inject life into lethargic living spaces, creating ecosystems that are comfortable, dynamic, and alive. Utilizing the industry's best practices and design elements in terms of tactility and texture, our interior designs not only look good, but are multidimensional, functional spaces that make you feel good.

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The Design Process

Each project at our design agency starts with a consultation between you and our Toronto interior designer. We'll get a grasp of your space's function, style guide, colours, and layouts before we begin to conceptualize your new space.

Despite our philosophy of incorporating natural elements into your interior design, we don't follow a specific design style - that would only limit our offerings - but start tabula rasa (clean slate). You're unique, meaning your space should be an original representation of your personality - that's the only way you'll truly be at ease in your own space. Once we've settled on something you love, our Toronto interior designer goes to work on a 3D rendering of your design project.

Artistic 3D Rendering: Envision Your Space

When you're looking for Toronto interior design, most design agencies use sample boards to show clients a project's features. But that doesn't quite give a complete visual representation of the space.

Our interior design services include a 3D rendering of your interior design project. These artistic renderings illustrate what the finished space will look like in an accurate, detailed form, givign you the best scope of the finished project.

After the interior rendering is complete, we'll review with you one more time to make sure everything is exactly how you envisioned it. Once we have your full approval, we'll help apply for permits and begin building your dream environment.

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