Modern Condominium Interior Design

North York, Canada

Designing a smaller space for family comfort and style is no easy feat. This project was designed to provide the necessary comforts to a small family while mixing modern style and traditional Chinese ancient art elements within the condo design. We kept the traditional values intact to preserve culture for family gathering.

The colourful ink paintings installed in the dining space accentuates the focal point of the condo design's gathering space. Lights are evenly spaced on the ceiling for a light, bright feeling. Sophisticated pendants punctuate the design and add structure to the well lit ceilings in the dining and living areas of this condominium. 

The space uses tones of soft yellow tones to create warmth and relaxation. Turquoise accents add a playful element to the room and bring in cheer. The counter adds an additional transitional space that ties the dining and living room together to create a relaxed continuity between the spaces.

Chinese style decorations are incorporated throughout the condo design of the space to add sophistication, balance, and traditional comforts.

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Address - 1020 Denison St., Unit 200, Markham, ON. L3R 3W5