Toronto Condominium Interior Design

Toronto, Canada

This Toronto Condominium interior design projet was commissioned by a young couple who wanted an energetic, sophisticated, yet homely condo space in the bustling downtown core.

Our design combined their requirements for both comfort and an elevated design for a sense of airiness by ensuring generous spacing between furniture, accentuating height with feature walls and natural elements throughout.

A grey mirror surface reflects the recessed lighting as well as the structures to amplify the interior design visually. Structures are organized and balanced through the condo space to accentuate distance for a larger feel. The dark ceramic floors and wooden ceiling emphasize the seating area, beckoning guests to relax on the large sofa with a a cozy cup of coffee or tea. The use of lighting creates a sense of warmth and intimacy to amplify the comfort of the space.

Rhythm and repetition are subtly intertwined through the different shades of grey to create a harmonious living and lounge area through use of colour and lighting. Greenery is added to create a tinge of freshness and rejuvenation in this condo design.

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Address - 1020 Denison St., Unit 200, Markham, ON. L3R 3W5